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Why are we asking you for height, recent weight and home blood pressure readings?

As part of your annual review, which ideally is aligned to your birthday month, we may ask for more details than we previously have done.

Greater emphasis is being put on keeping people healthier. Asking for your height and a recent weight helps us to assess your general overall health and can allow the clinicians to tailor advice to suit you and your lifestyle. If you cannot provide this information, we may measure and weigh you in practice.

A lot of people who have their blood pressure taken at the surgery recognise that it can often be higher than it would be had it been taken at home. Many patients have home blood pressure monitors. These monitors are relatively cheap to buy (under £20), and allow you, the patient, to monitor your blood pressure at home for a clearer more consistent picture than a one off higher reading in surgery. With accurate readings, medication can be tailored to suit.

The practice recognises that some patients will always prefer to have these things measured in practice by the nursing team and that is absolutely fine, we are here to help. However we also know that for some people this new way of sharing information can save taking time off work for a visit to the practice.