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Report on the 2018 Patient Survey

The Weardale Practice are delighted to publish the results of our recent survey on the future of healthcare services in Weardale.

From late August to Mid-October 2018, more than 1,000 local residents took the time to share their thoughts and experiences with us – we are hugely grateful to everyone who participated.

You can read the full report and unabridged comments at the links below:

The Weardale Practice Survey Report

Survey Comments

Background and Purpose

We carried out this survey because we need to find a new way of working. 

When setting the scene for the survey, we were clear that with increasing demand for new and existing services and a prolonged squeeze on funding for General Practice meant that our current model wasn’t going to be sustainable for much longer.

The survey we devised was the first of its kind in the region. It represents a proactive step by the Practice to gain a fuller understanding of patients’ experiences, expectations and ideas for how we can work together to create a high-quality, sustainable healthcare service for all of our patients across Weardale.

The Results and Publication

We carried out deep analysis to uncover what you were telling us in the survey. This included making sure the sample of respondents were representative of the patient population, that answers were statistically significant, and no important groups or perspectives were being missed or ‘averaged’ out.

This survey was always intended to be a 100% open and transparent process, which is why we have taken the decision to publish this report in full, along with every single comment we received, unabridged (except for any information that could identify individuals). Both our Patient Participation Group and Stakeholder Group are supportive of this decision.

We hope you find the report clear and informative – it has been incredibly useful to us as a Practice already.

Managing Partner Vicky Watson said “We are delighted with the response to this survey. The fact that over 14% of people in Weardale went out of their way to share their thoughts with us reinforces why this was such an important step for us to take as a Practice. I want to thank everyone who took the time to respond to us, and I hope even more people will get involved when we launch a full public consultation in 2019.”

Next Steps

It is important to reiterate that this survey was never intended to be an end in itself. It is the first step in an important process to gauge the depth and breadth of opinion and experience that exists across the more than 7,000 patients we are here to serve. 

The consultation process we will launch in 2019 will take direction from the results of this survey, and use people’s input to help us shape possible options for the future. Once formed, all potential options will be put to the public before any decisions are made.

Thank you again to everyone who answered our questions and shared their points of view.