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Focus on… NHS Health checks


As we get older our risk of getting heart or kidney disease, stroke or dementia go up. The checks can spot early signs and help you make changes to reduce the risks.

For many people a few lifestyle changes can stop conditions developing. Exercise, diet and the amount you drink or smoke can all make a big difference.

Who are they for?

If you’re between 40-74 and aren’t being treated for any other conditions, then you can have an NHS Health Check.

You’ll normally get an invitation from us or the local authority every 5 years, or you can ask for a check yourself.

Even if you generally feel fine, risks can be found if you haven’t had symptoms before.

During the Check

You’ll have a 30-minute appointment with a Practice Nurse (or it could be a GP, Emergency Care Practitioner or Health Care Assistant).

They’ll ask you some simple questions about your lifestyle like diet, how much you drink or smoke and if you exercise. You’ll be weighed, measured and have your blood pressure checked too.

Your Results and Advice

Your results will be explained to you, along with advice on improving your general health and lowering any risks. There might also be useful services we can refer you to.

For more information, visit the NHS Health Check website.