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Covid 19 – Changes to how the Practice is working.

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic the practice is often experiencing large volumes of calls. We can hold 10 calls in a queue. If you are not in the queue it can appear that your call is going unanswered. This is not the case.

The practice is working very hard to ensure our patients needs are met. We are doing this either by telephone or by face to face appointment following a screening call to ensure it is clinically appropriate to bring you into the surgery.

The practice has been forced to change the way it works to keep you, our patients, your families and our staff safe. YOU CAN HELP US DO THIS.


DO NOT COME TO THE SURGERY WITHOUT A CONFIRMED APPOINTMENT – We are very sorry but you will be turned away.

Register for online services. Do this for yourself, your under 13 year old children and any elderly relative or friend who may need your help to order medication at the moment. You need permission from anyone over 13 to do this proxy access. If you are visiting this website and are not a patient at the practice but you have a relative registered with us, you can still be granted proxy access.

Online services are simple to use, if you use a smartphone and have facebook it really is as simple as that! In the current situation simple access can be granted without the need to bring photo ID to the sites, we can arrange over the phone by taking you through some security steps.

Repeat prescription requests can be dropped into any of our letter boxes, and at the chemists. Simply tick the items you require, also add any queries re medication on there and we will address this when we put the request through.

Use our E-consultation for health related queries, medication and administrative queries. These will be answered within 48 hours. Its simple to use and guides you through the process, alerting you a different action such as calling 999 should it be deemed necessary.

Volunteer groups have been set up throughout the Dale. These volunteers have offered to help people who genuinely have no other option such as online services or a family member to run errands. Please use them wisely as we may all rely on them at some point over the next few months.

Lastly, please heed the governments advice. Please be socially responsible and follow guidelines set down by them to help stop the spread of this disease. If you have received a letter asking you to remain at home for 12 weeks this is because you have health conditions that make you more vulnerable to complications from Covid-19.

If the situation is causing you a lot of anxiety then maybe stop following social media and watching the news all the time. It is constant and it can be very wearing. Take Care.