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Cohort 7 Age 60 – 64 Please don’t ring the Practice until we ask you to.

Aged 60-64 Cohort 7. The Practice is aware that letters have been sent out by NHS England to 60 – 64 year old patients in cohort 7. Wear Valley Primary Care Network still has patients in Cohorts 1 – 6 to vaccinate. We are unable to move onto cohort 7 until all three practices have together completed Cohort 1 – 6.

PLEASE DO NOT RING THE PRACTICE IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED THIS LETTER. We will contact you, either by text if we have your mobile number, or by phone if we don’t, to let you know when we are ready to offer vaccination to yourselves and your cohort.

Please be patient it won’t be long before we get to you. Thank you.