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Welcome to The Weardale Practice!

We serve around 7,200 patients all across Weardale. Our main surgery is in Stanhope - with branch surgeries in Wolsingham and St John’s Chapel.

Before we can see you, you will need to register as a new patient.

You can now register online at or you can pick up a registration form at our sites at Stanhope, Wolsingham or St Johns Chapel. Please return your completed form to the practice and bring a valid form of photographic ID, such as valid passport or driving licence with you. If you have neither of those a household bill (not a mobile phone bill) or birth certificate may be used.

Thank you 

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Temporary Patient Registrations

You can register as a temporary resident with a GP surgery for up to 3 months. This can be helpful if you're living away from home but do not want to change your home GP surgery.

To register you'll need to fill out a temporary services form (GMS3), available from reception.

After 3 months, you'll have to reapply to register as a temporary resident or become a permanent patient For further details please click on this link .

Out of Area Patients

If you move out of the area please let us know and we will advise if you can remain a patient at the practice.

You can register permanently with some GP surgeries outside your local area.

This can be helpful if you:

  • want to use a GP surgery near your work instead of your home
  • prefer the services of a GP surgery that's further away

Registering with a GP surgery outside your local area can affect the NHS services that you can access including:

  • home visits and urgent care from your GP, including out of hours care
  • community services, such as physiotherapy and midwife appointments

Non-English Speakers

These fact sheets have been written to explain the role of UK health services, the National Health Service (NHS), to newly-arrived individuals seeking asylum. They cover issues such as the role of GPs, their function as gatekeepers to the health services, how to register and how to access emergency services.

Special care has been taken to ensure that information is given in clear language, and the content and style has been tested with user groups.

Open the leaflets in one of the following languages:

Registering children

Children under 16 need to be registered by their parent or guardian. This usually means filling in a separate form. You may also be asked to provide a form of ID to prove that you're their parent or guardian.

If you have a personal child health record (red book) from the birth of your child, it will help to provide this.

Registering for someone you care for under the Mental Capacity Act

If someone over 16 is unable to register because they cannot make decisions about their care, registration can be done by:

  • a relative
  • the main carer
  • a lasting power of attorney
  • a person appointed by a court under the Mental Capacity Act

Health services you can access online

When you are registered you can access some health services online.

You may be able to:

  • contact your GP, nurse or other healthcare professional for advice and support
  • order repeat prescriptions
  • see parts of your health record, including information about medicines, vaccinations and test results
  • see communications between your GP surgery and other services, such as hospitals
  • book, check or cancel appointments with a GP, nurse or other healthcare professional

At The Weardale Practice, most patients have been automatically given access to their prospective GP record from 1 February 2023 onwards. This includes letters, test results and appointment notes.

You can access all online services via our website or by downloading an app.

  • eConsult allows patients to submit their symptoms or queries to a GP electronically. It offers round-the-clock NHS self-help information, signposting to services, and a symptom checker. It allows patients to consult with their GP online by completing a simple form that is sent to and reviewed by the Practice; if you submit an eConsult, you will receive a response within three working days. eConsult will also direct patients for self-help or emergency services if it is necessary. You may receive a response via email or a direct phone call from the clinician.
  • System One is an online service which all patients are able to sign up for. It allows you to request repeat and acute medications, view summary information from your medical record, and more. SystmOnline is accessible all day, every day, and in the right circumstances, can save time for both yourself and the Surgery
  • Airmid- If you would like to benefit from online services and prefer to use an app, you can use the Airmid app. Airmid is the patient-facing app for the provider of our clinical system (System one). Access your complete medical record and contribute to it using information from medical devices and wearables, Apple Health and Google Fit. Download the app from your App Store
  • The NHS App - NHS login allows you to access lots of different health and care websites and apps with just one set of login details. You can securely access many digital health and care services with one email address and password.