Patient Invitations – Update

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The Weardale Practice are increasing the use of Patient Invitations. A ‘Patient Invitation’ is a text message with a link to book a specific appointment type.

Patient Invites avoid the need to phone the practice. They also make the booking of appointments quicker for the patient.

The link is valid for seven-days and you can book into all relevant future clinics. Only eligible patients are sent a link. The appointments are restricted to the specific appointment type (ie covid vaccination). The appointments are not available online via our website to book into.

Patients can now cancel or reschedule appointments booked via this method. This can be done using the original booking link. Patients can also vie appointment details by clicking on the original booking link. This is a great new feature, which again, reduces the volume of calls to the practice.

We have been sending Patient Invitations for covid, flu, shingles and smear appointments. We recently started sending Patients Invitations for blood tests and GP follow-up appointments.

We will shortly be starting to use Patent Invitations for Long-term condition reviews.